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„The presentation today about the history of the Prussian kings was so enlightening! Seldom have we heard something presented so comprehensively in such a short time! Fantastic!“

Group historian from Berlin/Brandenburg



„What a place! Many thanks for your excellent insights into the various historical aspects of the Heiland church!“

Andreas Küppers, Manager/Researcher at the Geographical Research Centre in Potsdam together with the Tsunami researchers group



„Many thanks for the interesting and detailed talks on the period of rule by Friedrich Wilhelm IV. – and his dream of Prussian Arcadian architecture. Simply unforgettable!“

Köpenick disabled sports group



„Dear Ms. Hattendorf – Thank you very much for the interesting talks. They were the highlight of our visit to Berlin and Potsdam!“

Dorle Miesala-Edel (from the youth, family and health ministry) and group of parliament officials from Bonn-Bad Godesberg



„During our filming today, we witnessed to a very competent and friendly presentation! Unparalleled! Grandiose! Congratulations!“

Andreas Christoph Schmidt, film director and Grimme Prize winner



„Many heartfeld thanks for the tremendously interesting, vivid and lively presentations on history and architectural history!“

Dietmar Steglich, Manager of Agricultural Products Ltd in Ketzin



„The Hermann-Ehlers Academy from Kiel was here for a Prussian outing for 30 guests. The presentation by Margrit Hattendorf blew us away. A very factual and informative presentation, with so much heart and soul… A crowning climax to a wonderful summer’s day. Thank you!“

Volker Matthee´, student leader of the Hermann-Ehlers Academy, Kiel



„“Potsdam is always worth the trip. As a native of the city, who spent his childhood and youth here, it is always interesting to come back here. In this light, a trip was arranged for the members of the local Schlaraffen organisation. Ms. Hattendorf took it on herself to provide us with a knowledgeable and entertaining guide of the city’s history and its inhabitants. The trip was a lot of fun and she inspired us to come back again soon.“

Jörg Thiedemann, Duisburg and the organisation of the Schlaraffen




„“Margrit Hattendorf gifted us with stories so that we were able to imagine ourselves in historical space and time.“

Kaul family, Potsdam



„“We liked Ms. Hattendorf’s presentations very much. (We got goosebumps.)
Thank you!

Mr. and Mrs. Röwert



„“Thank you for this great tour and complete day! „

Manuela and Robert



„“Many thanks for a very interesting and informative introduction to the history of the Church of the Redeemer and Brandenburg-Prussia.“

Annette and Michael



„“Eleven people from Lower Saxony today heard a very good presentation on the origins of the Church of the Redeemer and the history of Prussia. All of us were taken with Ms. Hattendorf. Her presentations make you want more. We will come again as soon as we can. Many thanks!!!“

Helmut Lott, Hanover



„“This tour made us conscious of the roots of a shared history before the partitioning of Germany. May people from East and West find each other again with the help of people like Ms. Hattendorf and her intelligent and profound tours.“

Frank Hilgers, Pforzheim Music Academy



„“Very impressed by the wonderful and comprehensive explanations. Thank you Ms. Hattendorf!“

Mr. and Mrs. Tettner, Munich



„“Thank you for the interesting and detailed presentations on the history of Brandenburg and Prussia, as well as the digression into the religious and philosophical depths of Calvinism, Lutheranism, Mysticism and Zen.“

Kumihara family, Kyoto, Japan



„“For us and our guests this city tour was informative and entertaining in the best sense of the word. Ms. Hattendorf brought us closer to the history of Brandenburg and Prussia with her wit, charm and deep knowledge. She also opened views into the garden worlds of the ingenious flower breeder, philosopher and writer Karl Foerster, whose scientific and literary legacy still draws visitors, and not only nature and garden lovers. We were able to enjoy Potsdam with all our senses. Compared to other tours that we did in the course of our one-week stay, Ms. Hattendorf’s is truly deserving of the word “highlight”.“

Mr. and Mrs. Walter from Königs Wusterhausen and 10 guests from around the country



„“For my 70th birthday I wanted to surprise my guests with a special tour of the city. I involved Ms. Hattendorf in this; I already knew her from the Church of the Redeemer in Sacrow. Her tour fulfilled all of my guests’ expectations. On our walk from the Old Market to the Friendship Island we learned interesting facts about the history of the city and country, and heard anecdotes from the lives of their inhabitants. The panorama from the viewing platform of the Nikolai Church was unforgettable. We liked the tour so much that we have already planned the next one.“

Uta Keding, Berlin and her 40 birthday guests




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