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<span>All guided tours</span> at a glance

All guided tours at a glance

Tour 1: Potsdam’s most beautiful sights – a compact and personalized round trip of the city

This tour offers you the possibility of discovering along with the classic highlights such the historical town of Potsdam and Schloss Sanssouci (Palace Sanssouci), the less well known corners of Potsdam, as may appeal to researchers and connoisseurs alike.

  • Sanssouci Palace
  • The Old Market
  • The New Market
  • The Dutch Quarter
  • Glienicke Bridge
  • The New Garden
  • Alexandrowka
  • The New Theatre
  • Shipwright Alley

Tour 2: Lux aurumque – light, gold and the enchantment of the royal residence

Light and gold: two words that stimulate the fantasy and which form the theme of a special walk through Potsdam. Potsdam was placed directly under the authority of the crown from the 17th century onwards and as such…

  • The Old Market
  • The New Market
  • The City Channel
  • Baroque expansions, city
  • Luise Plazat
  • Sanssouci Palace

– – – baroque expansions of the city – – .

Tour 3: Enjoy Potsdam with All Senses

This tour is a mixture of facts, a garden tour with aromatic and colourful experiences as well as a sensual and sumptuous culinary climax. After an intense excursion into the town and its history at the Old Market, the tour continues on with the parks of Karl Förster as cultivated on the Friendship Island.

  • Old Market
  • Nikolai church
  • Friendship Island
  • Café/Restaurant

Tour 4: The Magical Gardens of Potsdam

Around 1910, the still unknown Karl Foerster moved to Bornim, which is a suburb of Potsdam, in the hopes of realizing his dreams of his own horticultural company. At the center point of his life, he placed his house and special valleyed garden.

  • The Old Market
  • Friendship Island
  • The Elector’s garden
  • Bornim

Tour 5: Friedrich Wilhelm II – an amorous king with a penchant for the mystical and taking refuge in his New Garden

As a versatile freethinker and talented musician, whose cello recitations fired up even the enthusiasm of Mozart, Frederick William II gladly left his tiring state and government affairs to his advisers and ministers.

  • Glienicke Bridge
  • Schöningen
  • Swan Lane
  • Matrosenstation
  • Einsiedelei
  • Quapphorn
  • Cecilienhof Palace
  • Dutch Quarter
  • Orangery
  • Marble Palace
  • Gothic Library
  • Berliner suburb

Tour 6: The emergence of Potsdam after the Second World War and its place during the Cold War

The Nauener suburb is characterized by grand villas and splendid palaces. Behind this beauty however, lurks a dark past. After the victory of the Allies over Nazi Germany…

  • KGB prison
  • E. Augusta Foundation
  • Forbidden city
  • Pfingst parish
  • The Meierei
  • palace Cecilienhoff
  • Former border
  • Swan Lane
  • Berliner Suburb
  • Villa Schöningen
  • Glienicke Bridge
  • centre of Shipwright’s

Tour 7: Russian melancholy meets Italian Dolce Vita

Napoleon forced Prussia to participate in the campaign against Russia by means of a coercive alliance after the devastating defeats of Jena and Auerstedt in 1806.

  • The Russian colony
  • Alexandrowka
  • Chapel Hill
  • The Jewish Cemetery
  • The Freemason Villa
  • Pfingstberg

Tour 8: Potsdam’s Churches

Apart from his fame on the battlefield, the Great Elector, Friedrich Wilhelm von Brandenburg- also gained recognition as a protector of refugees fleeing religious persecution…

  • Church of Peace
  • Sanssouci
  • The Garrison Church
  • Nikolai Church
  • The French Church
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Bornstedt Church

Tour 9 – Places on the Havel river influenced by geomancy (Feng Shui)

Immerse yourself in the times of the Great Elector and his vision of a city of royal residence taking after the city of Amsterdam.

  • The Old Market
  • Friendship Island
  • Brauhausberg or
  • Center of Shipwright’s

Tour 10 – By Bike in the area – on magical paths Around the Schwielowsee

From the middle of the 19th Century more and more Berliners came to the area around Potsdam. Those who could afford to do so built summer houses here mostly on or in the vicinity of one of the many lakes…

  • Potsdam Central Station
  • Petzow – (Werder)
  • Caputh
  • Potsdam
  • Ferch

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