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<span>Tour 8: Potsdam’s Churches</span>

Tour 8: Potsdam’s Churches

Tour 8: Potsdam’s Churches  


Apart from his fame on the battlefield, the Great Elector, Friedrich Wilhelm von Brandenburg- also gained recognition as a protector of refugees fleeing religious persecution. Following his tolerance edict of 1685, thousands of people from France, Bohemia, Austria and Switzerland came to Brandenburg in search of a new home and economic opportunities after the catastrophic devastations of the 30 Years War. His vision laid the foundations for the rise of Brandenburg / Prussia.

Later successors continued his policies. While the majority of the population practised the Lutheran faith, the rulers of Brandenburg and Prussia were themselves Calvinists.

Here you can learn more about the various places of worship (the Nikolai Church, the Church of Peace, the French Church, the Roman Catholic Church and the Garrison Church Foundation) and experience firsthand the impact of the close interweaving of politics and religion. Take the opportunity to appreciate the interplay of action and meditation by diving into this special religious landscape!

This tour includes the

Church of Peace/Sanssouci – The Garrison Church/Broad Street – The Nikolai Church/the Old Market – The French Quarter/the French Church – Bassin Plaza/Roman Catholic Church – The Bornstedt Church and Cemetery

Duration: approx. 2-4 hours


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