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<span>Tour 7: Russian melancholy meets Italian Dolce Vita</span>

Tour 7: Russian melancholy meets Italian Dolce Vita

Tour 7: Russian melancholy meets Italian Dolce Vita  


Napoleon forced Prussia to participate in the campaign against Russia by means of a coercive alliance after the devastating defeats of Jena and Auerstedt in 1806. The weakening of Napoleon’s forces and the signing of the convention of Tauroggen allowed Prussia to break loose from these clutches and enabled Potsdam to fight on the side of Russia until the victorious conclusion of the wat.

In commemoration of the renewed friendship with Tsar Alexander I, a settlement with a place of worship in the style of a Russian village called Alexandrowka was laid out on behalf of Friedrich Wilhelm III starting in 1826. It became the home town of the singers of the Russian prisoner choir, whose performances were particularly valued by the Prussian king.
Around 21 years later, Friedrich Wilhelm III’s successor, Friedrich Wilhelm IV, commissioned first Schinkel and then later Persius, Stüler and Hesse to crown the nearby Pfingstberg with a palace in the Italian style. This palace has observation decks that disclose an unsurpassed view of the beauty of the Havel landscape. Here you can enjoy the exotic Russian architecture along with the marvellous view of Potsdam and its surroundings!

The tour includes

The Russian colony – Alexandrowka – Chapel Hill with the Russian Orthodox Church – The Jewish Cemetery – The Freemason Villa – Belvedere – The Pomona Temple on the Pfingstberg and lastly the Nauener suburb

Duration: approx. 2 hours


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