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<span>Tour 3: Enjoy Potsdam with All Senses</span>

Tour 3: Enjoy Potsdam with All Senses

Tour 3: Enjoy Potsdam with All Senses  


This tour is a mixture of facts, a garden tour with aromatic and colourful experiences as well as a sensual and sumptuous culinary climax. After an intense excursion into the town and its history at the Old Market, the tour continues with the parks of Karl Förster as cultivated on the Friendship Island. The beauty of the island with its variety of forms, colours and fragrances draws and captivates the senses of its visitors. Furthermore, the island opens up unique views of the surroundings to the observer. The tour concludes in the island‘s café or in a restaurant of your choice.

The tour includes the

Old Market – A view from the tower of the Nikolai church – Friendship Island – Café/Restaurant (The Friendship Island Café)

Duration: approx. 2 hours


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